A matter of the heart

The Längseeleit'n. Our common matter of the heart from us for you.

Vacation in the Längseeleit'n means time out for body and soul. Walking in a huge garden, snacking on fruits. Forest bathing in the house forest refreshes and our power places are energy and experience at the same time. Everything organically managed, it tastes even better when tasting. With the construction of the Längseeleit'n, a common heart project was started in September 2016 - completed in October 2017. Already in March 2018, we were able to welcome our first guests.

Our goal is to give something back to nature and offer a place where you can draw strength and relaxation. Längseeleit'n is located in one of the oldest populated areas of Carinthia, embedded in a network of powerful places and extraordinary places. Our geomantic path is also intended as an invitation to pause, recharge and re-center oneself in nature. In order to combine the experiences in nature with moments of well-being and relaxation in our house, we attach great importance to high quality. We, that is the Längseeleit'n family, are tireless in our efforts to ensure that all our guests have a relaxing vacation.

Manfred Fellner, also called Mani, is the restless butterfly, businessman, full of drive and passion. In addition, he spoils our guests with his egg dishes and the popular Längseeleit'n fried egg. Manfred's wife Elisabeth, also known as Eli, the quiet dreamer of the house, the flower that springs from the heart. Eli's homemade fruit spreads from wild fruits, smoothies with wild herbs and individual tea creations delight the taste buds. In addition to the breakfast buffet with regional delicacies and the view, you can enjoy a cozy, healthy and energetic start to the day. Together with granddaughter Maxi, who is just as full of joy to work in the business, we try to combine sustainability, recreation, relaxation, energy, strength and joy and offer the guest a place to breathe. There is much to discover for young and old. Best you come by and experience Carinthia from its most beautiful side - we are happy to help you and look forward to seeing you.