Our garden

Our house is situated in the middle of a land of milk and honey at the lake with fruit, wine & herbs. Apples, berries and wild fruits grow on our two hectare meadow near the longitudinal lake, surrounded by numerous power places. Wine and herbs thrive splendidly, everything under organic cultivation.

If you're looking for time-out, you've come to the right place.

Entering, attacking and tasting are allowed. In addition to the holiday room and the view of the longitudinal lake, one also gets an insight into the growing and living in nature. With our house we would like to give something back to nature and at the same time bring nature closer to our guests. It is a place for peace seekers, dreamers and pilgrims.


A garden full of dreams, full of fruit, full of grapes, full of herbs. A land of milk and honey on the lake with fruit, wine & herbs. A garden of smells, where the eye can indulge and the palate can taste homemade jams, juices & wines. Honest and intoxicating.


Taste, smell, see, feel and listen - live in the midst of nature!