Energy hiking trail "Powerful to me"

The Längseeleit´n is located in one of the oldest populated areas of Carinthia and stretches south of the longitudinal lake. It is embedded in a network of powerful places and extraordinary places.

The settlement already took place in pre-Christian times. Evidenced by finds and excavations, this area has always exerted a special attraction on people. There are numerous places, which were recognized and used as special power places.

The Längseeleit´n is also characterized by such places of power. In the deepened encounter with the landscape, man enters into a conscious connection with the life and soul forces of nature. The geomantic path "Powerful to Me" is a way that invites you to pause, recharge your batteries and recenter. To experience and feel the inner and outer beauty and power of these energetically special places.

The path invites you to an encounter with nature. With open senses and an open heart he may also lead you a little closer to yourself ...

The Längseeleit'n is embedded in a network of natural power places and historical sites. This extraordinary location and the beautiful, powerful and energetic places form a GEOMANTIC PATH and invite you to linger and recharge your batteries.

Get involved: to be, to feel and to see.