Our vineyard

Around 5,000 vines were planted on Längseeleit´n in the first days of May 2015. On the former Glatthaferwiese with a gradient of around 15%, the soil of which we have specially prepared for this purpose.

We have chosen the varieties Pinot Noir, Pinotin and Blauer Wildbacher. In about 2,000 vines we planted Pinot Noir, a grape that is very valuable for the production of red wine.

Around 1,000 vines of the Pinotine variety, a very resistant variety due to the crossing of Pinot Noir and resistant to fungi. And another 2,000 vines from the Blauer Wildbacher, which was planted in Carinthia in earlier epochs. Around 500 pieces of various table grapes grow along our fence.

From the very beginning we have had great support from winegrowers in our region, for whom we are very grateful. Natural events such as late frosts and hail have not spared us either and it requires special care to accompany the poles safely and to maintain them again.

At our lucillian breakfast buffet and in our farm shop you can taste tasty delicacies from the vineyard.


Experience the vineyard. Loving wine. Enjoy with joy.